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Audio Demonstration
Breath of Time

Breath of Time III - Alpha Wave Enhanced

7 Reasons why slow breathing is beneficial to your health

The enhanced sound of the soothing trickle of water on the CD (water being the most natural calming sound to the ear) helps your brain gently emit alpha waves, while at the same time the chimes teaching you to slow breath.

The ambient sounds, also uniquely designed to cover the most relaxing of mid range audio frequencies, induces Theta and at 3 breaths per minute (second track) also Delta waves.

On average we normally breathe around 12 breaths per minute.

Take a moment to find out how many breaths you take in a minute.
While you try out the below audio demonstrations:

  • Breathe only through the nose.

  • Use your diaphragm to breathe with, not your chest.

  • Listen at the top of the screen.

    The bells will CHIME to tell you when to breathe in and then out. This track plays at 5 breaths per minute.

    You might find your own pattern, some people breathe every second or third bell or use the bells to keep a specific pace.

    Slow breathing has been beneficial for many people.

  • It is used in meditation, where breathing under 5 breaths per minute can on its own produce a wonderful tranquil state.

  • It it used in Yoga to help keep pace.

  • Helps to reduce blood pressure (this should be used in a complimentary form with any prescribed medication)

  • Slows down the heart beat

  • Asthma (under tuition)

  • Helps focus the Mind

  • Can be used in healing and pain control

  • Used by scuba divers to control breathing and panic attacks

  • There are four tracks on the CD each 15 minutes in length, starting at

    6 breaths per minute
    5 breaths per minute
    4 breaths per minute

    Ending at 3 breaths per minute.

    Wonderful cd,love it,.thank you for a speedy service!excellent - tulloch1b
    I bought the "Breath of Time II" CD and have been listening to it for about a week and a half now. First of all, it is a very soothing, calming sound and is neither too overwhelming nor too vague. The background music is not complicated at all, and doesn't force you to listen to it (as opposed to listening to a classical music CD, where the music can be so complex that you can't listen to yourself -- you're busy listening to the music!).
    The bells sound soft and clean, yet not bothersome or annoying. On the contrary, when I breathe with the bells I find myself slipping into a tranquil, relaxed state within one or two minutes. I just concentrate on the bells and therefore on my breath and I am not only relaxed, I am truly meditating, because I am AWARE of my breathing. This is a very unique and absolutely thrilling thing about this CD. Most meditation CDs are great and relaxing, but they all put me to sleep within 15 minutes, no more. The "Breath of Time" CD keeps me aware of my breathing, which is essential to truly meditating and not simply relaxing or falling asleep (although, like I'd already mentioned, it does relax me quite deeply). Vanessa - ebay

    Such calming peaceful cd. Cant wait to try it properly. I turned the lights down low, lit a candle and just sat on the sofa for the first 10 minutes, it was wonderful. (Then the door bell rang! Ho Humm) - Sue Black

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