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a baby sleeping cd cover

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Audio Demonstration
Baby Sleep Demonstration

Gentle Nature -The Solution - Baby Sleep

Not artificially generated

This CD uses the pure sounds of flowing water with gentle rain to produce something similar to pink noise.

Pink noise is is much easier on the ear than white noise because it is not on the harsh grating frequencies of white noise.

Information from Charles Vald

Having children of my own, I am very concerned about CDs playing white noise, or the sounds of vacuum cleaners or the like to babies.

Although many agree that these CD's are very effective, I feel they can't be good in the long term for children to listen to.

I did have a starting point in producing this CD and that was from my customers.

Some of them had purchased and used my Nature Rain with great success to help their babies sleep, however I wanted to produce something better, something more effective, even more calming on the ear.

If you can get your baby to listen to the Audio Demonstration of the CD at the top of the page.

Hear how it is gentle and calming on the ear.

This CD was created from the sounds of water, unlike many other CDs that are produced from artificial generated computer sounds.

The sound on this CD have been enhanced to produce a calming 3D effect to allow the warm sound to surround your baby.

This makes the CD perfect to be played at a low volume as gentle background noise and will be effective in helping your baby sleep.

This CD is 60 minutes in length.

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