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Hypnosis ChildBirth through Hypnosis Birth and Labour CD Plus Guide

My name is Charles Vald. I am a hypnotherapist specialising in health care and a father of a happy 3 year old boy.

Most of my specialised powerful hypnosis techniques are not in use by other hypnosis childbirth therapists.

The product was created in 2004, developed for my wife when she was pregnant with our son.

  • Take away most of your pain (researched fact)

  • Quicker Birth (researched fact)

  • Happier Baby and Mum (researched fact)

  • A hypnotherapist specialising in childbirth will charge approx $1200 Aust Dollars.

    Group hypnosis birthing session cost approx $730 Aust Dollars

    Read the testimonials and the results

    The knowledge you will obtain from my Childbirth CD and Guide and more (see below) uses the latest advanced techniques.

    So what do I provide?

    The hypnosis childbirth CD will be posted the following working day to recieving the order.

    The CD on its own will teach you how to dramatically reduce the pain of labour and give you a feeling of deep calmness during the birth, but you will get a lot more than this.

    It will relax you and your baby anytime during your pregnancy, be it the first, second or third trimester.

    When you are relaxed your baby is relaxed, you will both feel.

  • Calm

  • Content

  • Happy

  • I have even had testimonials saying my CD has reduce their morning sickness

    The CD has a lot more on it. You will learn my fast track self hypnosis skills

    With this you will be able to relax yourself during pregnancy, birth and beyond in a matter of seconds.

    The CD has specially designed relaxing alpha wave enhanced music to both calm you and the baby, it was created by myself for this purpose.

    When you are relaxed, your baby inside of you is relaxed.

    After the birth the music on the CD can then be used to help calm your baby, enhancing well being.

    And there is more.

    You have a hypnosis childbirth CD but what no-one else offers is a guide to show how to use this CD during pregnancy and birth.

    If you have birth partner they might want to be able to help, be involved.

    The guide explains exactly how to do this, how a birth partner can relax you and calm you even more.

    It is all simple and straightforward to use. No waffle, information and facts that will help you during pregnancy and birth.

    I know you will find the CD and guide of tremendous help and it is all covered by a money back guaranteed.

    The most important thing.

    Because you are buying from a person not a company selling a hypnosis CD, I pride myself in being able to answer any additional questions you have. The guide has been updated many times but if you have any questions at all during your pregnancy, simply email me and I will answer.

    This product and techniques learnt from it is in use by many midwives in Australia

    You will be taught relaxation techniques that will reduce your stress, tension, and anxiety during pregnancy and the birth; most importantly you will be taught the use of hypnosis pain control and relief with stunning results.

    Hi Charles, just thought I would email and let you know that I have now given birth to a lovely baby boy called Oliver. The Hypnosis techniques really helped as I feel I would have panicked a lot more if I hadnít had practiced them before the birth. Once again thanks Charlotte Brown, UKIt's great! Thank you - Anne Bell, Luton, UK

    Received with thanks, already feeling relaxed! - Janice Coston, Chester.Guys work is superb. Buy and you will see why..EXCELLENT!! A+++ (from ebay user)

    I bought your CD on ebay last year but have only just got round to thanking you, how can a small person take up so much time! Thanks to your CD I managed to stay calm and focused during the birth of my second child and even managed to welcome the contractions. I achieved the home birth that I wanted, was in labour for only an hour and a half and managed with just a TENS machine, which was more for entertainment value as i kept getting tangled in the wires. I'm sure it has benefited my baby too as he is generally a very relaxed and happy little boy. Thank you so much for enabling me to make the birth of my baby such a positive experience - Yvonne Annete

    Even if you buy this at the end of your third trimester it will still be effective

    Charles Vald

    Some people have an aversion to their hypnotherapist because of their voice, it might remind them of someone they don't like.

    Hypnosis is a feeling similar to the first stages of sleep.

    Hypnosis is an effective method of relieving pain in childbirth without altering the normal course of labour. - British Medical AssociationResearch studies have shown again and again the same benefits of hypnosis during childbirth. The length of labour is reduced on average by 3 hours - Jenkins, MW and Pritchard, MH. Br J of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

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