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Lower Blood Pressure CD

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Audio Demonstration
Breath of Time

Lower Your Blood Pressure CD

Develop the skill of breathing deeply and slowly, and lower your blood pressure at the same time.

Does it work? Yes

Relax and listen for the chimes, breathe in and out with the chimes for 10 to 15 minutes a day, it is that simple.

Simple, easy and extremely effective.
Sometimes we all need a little guidance. This CD teaches you to breath at 4 different rates.

Go on give it a try now!

1. Take your blood pressure.

2. Play the audio demonstration at the top of the page (you might need to play it a few times)

3. Breathe slowly in on the first chime and out on the second chime.

4. Retake your blood pressure.

This really works ! In 3 weeks. my pressure dropped from 160/90 to 147/80. THANKS!

For anyone who has high blood pressure this CD is an ABSOLUTE MUST!! -killie

Wonderful CD - excellent help for meditation training - Jane Martin

Brilliant product - highly recommended - A* Margaret Thomas

Good for concentration and mega relaxation, once again thanks Elizabeth Thomson

Such calming peaceful CD - Sue Black

Developing your breathing skills will have a profound effect on your life.

  • It reduces stress and tension

  • It helps you stay calm.

  • Increases your energy levels

  • Remember

  • Breathe only through the nose

  • Use your diaphragm to breathe, not your chest.

  • On average we normally breathe around 12 breaths per minute.

    You will find your own pattern, some people breathe every second or third chime or use the chimes to keep at a specific pace.

    It is up to you which breathing pattern you will be comfortable with.

    There are four tracks on the CD each 15 minutes in length, starting at

    6 breaths per minute
    5 breaths per minute
    4 breaths per minute
    Ending at 3 breaths per minute.

    This CD and the simple breathing exercise is to be used in conjunction with any medical help you maybe given.

    Change your breath change your life. Order now!

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