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Yoga Music CD

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Audio Demonstration
First Breath    Magic Cave    Japanese Garden    Mountain Breeze    On the Wing on an Eagle    Soul Journey    Awakening Forest

CD for Yoga - Nature Speaks

"A perfect CD for calm, relaxation, meditation and yoga".

This relaxing album took over 4 months to compose.

Listen at the top of the page for the audio demonstrations.

The descriptions and titles on the tracks came from a competition on Charlie's well being forum.

Total track length over 62 minutes

1 - First Breath (10 minutes 36 seconds)

2 - The Magic of the Cave (5 minutes 14 seconds)
"My 8 year old daughter was listening and she said 'that sounds like magic'. The cave moving into sections of glistening crystals. - Sharon"

3 - Japanese Garden (11 minutes 12 seconds)
"I just imagined being in a beautiful Japanese garden - Ally"

4 - Mountain Breeze (4 minutes 30 seconds)
“This made me think of looking out over a canyon hearing distant melodies over the breeze - Debbie.”

5 - On the Wing of an Eagle (13 minutes 56 seconds)
There was no doubting that when I listened to this I was airborne flying high above hills and feeling the warm air gently lifting me higher. - Sharon”

6 - Soul Journey (5 minutes)
“This gave me a feeling of making a journey and discovering new things about myself and life in general. - Debbie”

7 - The Awakening Forest (10 minutes 24 seconds)
“Soundscapes of nature mixed with the Didgeridoo”

“A perfect CD for calm yoga”


Marian Demetriou

Australian Distributor

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