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Audio Demonstration of Ocean Child Story

Guided Bedtime Story - Seashore Audio CD with free bonus

Just click above to hear a sample of this beautiful CD.

To be used at night to help children who find it hard to sleep, or simply as a lovely bedtime story. Ages 4-12

The CD begins with simple spoken relaxation exercises set to calming background music. This is followed by the relaxing story around the seashore with sound effects.
Your child will play with dolphins in the sea build sandcastles and much more.
The child is helped to use their imagination by picturing the scene, to imagine he/she is actually there.

The CD ends with background noises of the ocean waves while the child is guided to use their imagination to help them drift them off to sleep. It has been very effective, not many children reach the end of the CD.

Lovely product, son fell asleep before CD ended. Very nice thanks. Fast Delivery Buyer:

This CD works a treat. My daughter was alseep in 1/2 hr instead of 2 hours. Buyer:
My son fell asleep in 10 mins flat thanks so much janey5656

Thanks kids were asleep in minutes - purd2

Excellent ,it works! derek7371
AB FAB!! never thought it would work, but it did A BIG BIG THANK YOU!! A++++++++ whizzo31

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As stated above I am a children's author, working with Jean Chalopine (creator of inspector gadget, ulysees 31) publishing house.

I can offer you to read for free a link to my award winning children's story book with illustrations (Jasper's journey) in audio and picture book format and five other children's stories for all ages.


Dear Charles,
Just had to drop this little note.
I tried the CD when I received it over the weekend.
My 10 year old son fell asleep within 5 mins of playing the tape on the first night - the first time he's ever slept before 9.00 pm in YEARS!!!!

It really DOES work. Many thanks again Regards, Gloria

Thankyou very much, its fantastic.
I have a 9 year old very lively son who has always had sleep problems, but has got much worse recently and we were at our wits end with constant trips up and down the stairs.

Tried the Cd tonight, he loved it and within minutes was slow deep breathing and have not seen him so relaxed in years.

We finally have a quiet evening with him sleeping soundly.
Thankyou, i shall be purchasing more CDs and recommend them to all.
Best Regards

Super CD which really helps - m.jet

I received your CD today and tried it with 2 children this evening. I am delighted with the results they have not been to sleep before 10-11 pm for weeks now. They have been out of their routine since the Christmas holidays, especially as we moved home then also. I am so glad to tell you that my 4 yr old son was sleeping within 20 minutes, I then played it again for my 8 year old daughter and she was sleeping by the end of it! I am now enjoying the first peaceful evening for ages, Thank you - Kathleen

Helped my little boy enormously thanks - cledwin

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