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eye mask

$26 Australian Dollars - Free Fast Delivery

The Sleep Mask has evolved introducing the Mindfold Relaxation Mask.

This Sleeping Mask is different from any other sleep mask you find in your local shop or on planes. as none of them fully block out the light. Also, they can be uncomfortable to wear due to rubbing, irritation or pressure on parts of the face.

You will be able to experience total darkness even with your eyes completely open!

That is why I only sell the deluxe sleeping mask.

This product is normally very hard to find in Australia.

The Relaxation Mask looks very different to other eye masks and there is a reason for that.

This Sleep Mask uses only high-density soft foam padding. This moulds to your face so that you can sit comfortably in total darkness, with your eyes open. You won't feel any pressure on your face.

This eye mask will block out all light GUARANTEED!

Mind Fold Mask

A VelcroŽ head strap allows you to fit the mask snuggly to your face. The mask is designed for you to wear for long periods of time.

No more loose or sagging mask problems!

Great for Travelling

  • Perfect for Meditation

  • Comfortably Blocks All Light

  • Helps with Headache Relief

  • Won't Smudge Eye Makeup

  • Aids in Relaxation and Sleep

  • Buy one today you wont be disappointed

    Marian Demetriou
    Australian Distributor

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